About ReadHead

It’s pronounced Red-Head. I have red hair and my head spends a large chunk of time buried in a book. I thought it was clever.

I’m a very good reader.  I’m also very good at giving my opinions when no one has asked for them.  It seemed like a natural fit to begin blogging.

I am not a professional critic or reviewer.  I don’t even pretend to be one on Halloween or while role playing.

Some of you may be giants in the literary world and have a much smarter insight on the novels I critique and that’s a tough pill for this blogger to swallow. Therefore,  I encourage comments from the peanut gallery but do not expect me to respond nicely to all of them, or even respond at all.

I don’t promise to be right all the time but I do promise to throw a few swear words in every once in a while to keep you entertained.


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